From Angola to Russia

On asc impact

asc impact believes that the global agriculture and forestry industry is of enormous social and economic importance and offers attractive investment opportunities.

asc impact therefore advises selected agricultural and forestry projects that demonstrably absorb large quantities of CO2, improve soil quality and have a positive impact on local development.

Across all projects, over 16 million tons of CO2 will be absorbed. At the same time, investments make an important contribution to ensuring a secure and sustainable food supply in the target regions.

Geographically, investments be focussed on emerging markets such as Russia and Sub-Sahara Africa.


In the agricultural sector, the current deal flow is comprised of purchased and leased land totaling approximately 147,000 hectares. This corresponds to a total investment volume of EUR 500 million with EUR 250 million in equity. Investments will be made primarily within the Russian Federation. In addition to the contribution to local development, asc impact‘s philosophy in the agricultural sector focuses on ensuring a secure and sustainable food supply.



€500 M

Total investment

€250 M

Total equity


Tons of CO2 sequestration



  • 5 projects
  • 147k ha

Sub-Sahara Africa

  • 4 projects
  • 50k ha


In the forestry sector, the current deal flow is comprised of a total volume of around EUR 52 million with EUR 52 million equity in projects covering more than 50,000 hectares. Investments will be made in Sub-Sahara Africa, mainly in Angola, Ethiopia, and Congo-Brazzaville. Since forestry makes a considerable contribution to climate protection by absorbing large quantities of CO2, CO2 binding is a cornerstone of asc impact's investment philosophy. At the same time, forestry also makes an important contribution to local development in the target regions by creating new jobs in the wood processing industry and by providing steel and cement substitutes for sustainable construction.



52 M

Total investment

52 M

Total equity


Tons of CO2 sequestration


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