Impact fund for agriculture and forestry

asc impact

asc impact is an independent owner-led firm that primarily manages sustainable investments in the agriculture and forestry sector. asc impact has decades of experience in the global food and agricultural sectors. Our investment approach is characterized by our deep involvement in the investments we make and aims to operationally and ensures sustainable value creation.



„We have been cultivating soil sustainably for over 300 years and will continue to do so for the next 300 years.“

Management Team

asc impact's management team combines relevant experience in its own agriculture and forestry business with dedicated expertise from the financial industry and the start-up sector.

  • Since his childhood, Karl has been involved in a large scale agricultural and forestry family business in Austria
  • Master degree in Economics
  • Extensive expertise in big scale farming and forestry projects in Romania and Russia
  • Speaks DE, ENG & Romanian

Karl E. Kirchmayer

Investment Management
  • Former Partner at btov Partners AG and former Vice President at Credit Suisse AG
  • Double degree in Economics and Finance
  • Successful founder in the tech space
  • Speaks DE, ENG, Dutch & French

Christian K. Winkler

Capital Markets
  • Former Partner at Linus Capital
  • Successful launch of several BaFin-regulated funds as CFO of Linus
  • ex-BCG + experience with LUX entities
  • PhD in law, Bucerius Law School
  • Speaks DE & ENG

Dr. Matthias Schulz

Legal + Structuring
  • Managing Partner of several large scale farm activities in Romania and extensive relevant experience in CEE
  • Master degree in Economics
  • >10 years expert in re-cultivation, logistics, staff management and trouble-shooting
  • Speaks DE, ENG, Italian & Romanian

Thomas Kirchmayer

Operations Management
  • CFO of several farm activities in Romania
  • 7 years experience as CFO of the CKS-Agro Group
  • Tax advisor and accounting expert
  • PhD in Economics
  • Speaks DE, ENG & Romanian

Dr. Ana-Maria Kirchmayer


Our Values

We want to leave better soil and healthier forests for the next generation and use our knowledge to promote sustainable growth in our target regions.




Our support of asc impact is an essential part of our strategy towards sustainable business. asc impact convinced us with their comprehensive market insight, long experience and personal commitment.

Dr. Andreas Rickert

Co-CEO NIXDORF Kapital AG, Former Worldbank and CEO PHINEO

A key point for my support was asc impact's sustainability approach and the multifaceted and entrepreneurial team, which resonates with me. The fund combines high returns with measurable benefits for the climate and the respective communities."

Stephen Brenninkmeijer

Founder of Willow Investments, Impact Investing Expert and Leader; Long-term Board member of World Resources Institute (USA); European Climate Foundation, responsAbility Participations AG, and many more.

The mission of asc impact resonated with me from the first moment. The environmental benefits combined with the immediate positive impact of the projects on the local communities, who may be facing challenges due to climate change, are crucial factors that asc impact's investment process takes into account. The goal is to invest in the projects for not just financial returns but also to ensure sustainable and stable future.

Dr. Shefaly Yogendra

Chair of the ESG committee of the Harmony Energy Income Trust PLC, Non-Executive Board Director at JP Morgan US Smaller Companies Investment Trust, Chair of the London Metropolitan University Audit & Risk Board, and more.

A crucial point for our investment decision was the sustainability approach of asc impact, which is aligned with us. The investments combine strong returns with a measurable benefit for the climate and the respective local communities.

Volker Weber

Board Member and Chief Sustainability Officer NIXDORF KAPITAL AG & FNG


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