Sustainable investments

Sustainability is the central value of asc impact

We believe that sustainability and economic success are not mutually exclusive, but beneficial. In agriculture actively increasing the soil’ humus content not only absorbs atmospheric CO2, but also increases crop yields. In forestry increasing growth and the size of cultivated areas are similarly suitable means of achieving higher yields in a climate-friendly manner.  

An organization that spans from our investors directly to our projects and target regions ensures that these values are put into practice daily from management to local employees.

Our deep operational involvement also promotes the employment of local staff, thus ensuring that prosperity is shared with the target regions. This is also a central component of asc impact's investment philosophy.


  • The ESG Advisory Board gives a vote and, if necessary, suggestions for improvement for each investment
  • Dedicated ESG capacity is created in at least one analyst position
  • Training system for ESG is established
  • Involvement of external experts (monitoring, audit, certification)


  • ESG criteria are part of the objectives for local and fund management
  • Compliance with and achievement of the ESG requirements is part of the management's compensation system
  • Bonus rules of the fund for local ESG successes

Embedding in the systems

  • ESG Advisory Board is a mandatory part of the investment process
  • Reporting and IT systems map ESG criteria


  • Continuous impact measurement based on ESG criteria and the associated increase in value
  • Simple ESG dashboard for investors
  • Implementation of the EU taxonomy


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